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Building houses made with love

House Building Program

Our House Building Program gives a family a fresh start and gives us a great way to introduce the Lord into their lives. We are not only building a physical house for them but a home for Christ in their hearts. 

Prayerfully consider if God is calling you to help or serve with Baja Vision Ministries.

We are more than thankful for any and all donations you or your church or individuals are
willing to contribute.

You and a group can come down to volunteer your services! Your group can commit to accomplishing a task such as:

  • Build a house for a poor family in Tijuana.

  • Help with different projects.

  • To show God’s perfect love to people in need through a house building for their families  

  • To form new leaders in the way BVM operates

  • To reach out Mexican o foreign people with extraordinary qualities 

  • To bring unity between pastors who work towards our goals

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