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House Building Program

Our House Building Program gives a family a fresh start and gives us a great way to introduce the Lord into their lives. We are not only building a physical house for them but a house for Christ in their hearts.

Prayerfully consider if God is calling you to help or serve with Baja Vision Ministries.




How you can help!


You and a group can come down to volunteer your services! Your group can commit to accomplishing a task such as:

  • Build a house for a poor family in Tijuana.

  • Build on to the facility of Rancho Solo or help with different maintenance projects.


Teen City 

Teen city is a program where teens at risk are being housed. Why not a regular children’s home? You might ask.

The teens at risk have a background that makes it harder to integrate with a large population. Parents who have abused them, or on drugs, some have been abused by the different children’s homes they might have been housed in the past.

Teen City gives the boys more independence but more responsibility as well. They continue with their studies and have a father figure who is, as you all know, who known Sergio an inspiration to move forward trusting God and envisioning a better future walking with Jesus and having an education. All this comes with a cost of basic needs such as food, schooling tuitions and uniforms. This is why we are asking for your help.

See if you wish to now sponsor one of the teens in this program please let us know.



Medical Mission for the elderly

Since March 2015 we have been extremely blessed to have a medical program in The Refuge, a home for the elderly and abandoned people of Tijuana. Our medical assistant, David, has been working almost every day of the week to make sure that each person in the home is taken care of properly and gets the health care that they deserve. We are so impressed by his efforts and tireless work to bring relief to such needy people.

We are looking for people who would like to come along side us and make sure that this mission continues. Please consider being behind this mission and making health care available to so many people. To give contact us or specify your gift for “Medical”.


Hospice Center 

Years ago, Armando and Olivia had a deep burden for the people who were being thrown on the street to die because they couldn’t pay to be in the hospital or had no family. They decided to bring them into their own home. Pastor Sergio Gomez first found them when they had 35 terminally ill patients in their garage and patio area. He knew that something needed to be done. In 2008, they started work on a new Hospice Center for the people who had no place to go. Now it is finally opened with a beautiful ceremony thanking all who were involved. Now, these people have a safe and clean place to be taken care of as they are on their way to meet our Savior.

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