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Our Story


Sergio Gomez was called to plant a church in 1964 in Tijuana, Mexico. At the request of a
church in the San Diego area, Sergio It soon became apparent that there was a need for so much more of what the original plan was, God had brought him to a city full of prostitution, drug
addiction and homeless people…Where God’s grace was needed and the gospel through action
needed to be poured


Sergio has founded in the past:

  • Baja Vision Ministries; a house building ministry

  • Two children’s homes: The first one has been in function serving thousands of children throughout more than 55years, another has been in function for 20 years

  • Built a school for the deaf in Ensenada, Mexico

  • Built 10 churches with the many mission trips coming from as far as Australia

Baja Vision Ministry also helps with projects and or financially bringing visiting mission trip groups to many local outreaches and places of need such as:

  • An Aids children’s home

  • Elderly home

  • Terminally ill home

Seyr Gomez was raised in a christian environment, always surrounded by church teams, pastors, leads of ministries. He went to college and studied Nutrition and had a very profitable secular job until the Lord called him to follow his father's footsteps. Directing teams in building, playing and singing in churches, and keeping the books for the ministry.

Seyr serves the Lord with his wife and two kids and they both live at the bunkhouse.

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